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Fev-2001An unusual acute myeloid leukemia associated with hyper IgE: another case of AML‐M5c?LIMA, M.; ORFAO, A.; COUTINHO, J.; FERREIRA, G.; FREITAS, I.; SILVESTRE, F; JUSTICA, B.articleopenAccess
Nov-2001Association of CD4+/CD56+/CD57+/CD8+(dim) large granular lymphocytic leukemia, splenic B‐cell lymphoma with circulating villous lymphocytes, and idiopathic erythrocytosisLIMA, M.; GONCALVES, C.; MARQUES, L.; MARTIN, M.C.; TEIXEIRA, M.A.; QUEIROS, M.L.; SANTOS, A.H.; BALANZATEGUI, A.; GARCIA‐SANZ, R.; PINTO‐RIBEIRO, A.C.; JUSTICA, B.; ORFAO, A.articlerestrictedAccess
Ago-2001Clinical and genetic heterogeneity in hereditary haemochromatosis: association between lymphocyte counts and expression of iron overloadPORTO, G.; CARDOSO, C.S.; GORDEUK, V.; CRUZ, E.; FRAGA, J.; AREIAS, J.; OLIVEIRA, J.C.; BRAVO, F.; GANGAIDZO, I.T.; MACPHAIL, A.P.; GOMO, Z.A.; MOYO, V.M.; MELO, G.; SILVA, C.; JUSTICA, B.; DE SOUSA, M.articleopenAccess
Out-2004Clinicobiological, immunophenotypic, and molecular characteristics of monoclonal CD56‐/+dim chronic natural killer cell large granular lymphocytosis.LIMA, M.; ALMEIDA, J.; MONTERO, A.G.; TEIXEIRA M DOS, A.; QUEIROS, M.L.; SANTOS, A.H.; BALANZATEGUI, A.; ESTEVINHO, A.; ALGUERO MDEL, C.; BARCENA, P.; FONSECA, S.; AMORIM, M.L.; CABEDA, J.M.; PINHO, L.; GONZALEZ, M.; SAN MIGUEL, J.; JUSTICA, B.; ORFAO, A.articleopenAccess
Jan-2003Guess what: Chronic 13q14.3+/CD5‐ /CD23+ lymphocytic leukemia in blood and t(11;14)(q13;q32)+/CD5+/CD23‐ mantle cell lymphoma in lymph nodes!LIMA, M.; PINTO, L.; DOS ANJOS TEIXEIRA, M.; CANELHAS, A.; MOTA, A.; CABEDA, J.M.; SILVA, C.; QUEIROS, M.L.; FONSECA, S.; SANTOS, A.H.; BROCHADO, P.; JUSTICA, B.articleopenAccess
Jan-2003Immunophenotype and TCR‐Vbeta repertoire of peripheral blood T‐cells in acute infectious mononucleosis.LIMA, M.; TEIXEIRA, M.; QUEIROS, M.L.; SANTOS, A.H.; GONCALVES, C.; CORREIA, J.; FARINHA, F.; MENDONCA, F.; SOARES, J.M.; ALMEIDA, J.; ORFAO, A.; JUSTICA, B.articleopenAccess
Dez-2000Immunophenotypic aberrations, DNA content, and cell cycle analysis of plasma cells in patients with myeloma and monoclonal gammopathiesLIMA, M.; TEIXEIRA MDOS, A.; FONSECA, S.; GONCALVES, C.; GUERRA, M.; QUEIROS, M.L.; SANTOS, A.H.; COUTINHO, A.; PINHO, L.; MARQUES, L.; CUNHA, M.; RIBEIRO, P.; XAVIER, L.; VIEIRA, H.; PINTO, P.; JUSTICA, B.articleopenAccess
Nov-2001Immunophenotypic analysis of the TCR‐Vbeta repertoire in 98 persistent expansions of CD3(+)/TCR‐alphabeta(+) large granular lymphocytes: utility in assessing clonality and insights into the pathogenesis of the diseaseLIMA, M.; ALMEIDA, J.; SANTOS, A.H.; DOS ANJOS TEIXEIRA, M.; ALGUERO, M.C.; QUEIROS, M.L.; BALANZATEGUI, A.; JUSTICA, B.; GONZALEZ, M.; SAN MIGUEL, J.F.; ORFAO, A.articleopenAccess
Jul-2001Immunophenotypic characterization of normal blood CD56+lo versus CD56+hi NK‐cell subsets and its impact on the understanding of their tissue distribution and functional propertiesLIMA, M.; TEIXEIRA, M.A.; QUEIROS, M.L.; LEITE, M.; SANTOS, A.H.; JUSTICA, B.; ORFAO, A.articleopenAccess
Abr-1998Major histocompatibility complex class I associations in iron overload: evidence for a new link between the HFE H63D mutation, HLA‐A29, and non‐classical forms of hemochromatosis.PORTO, G.; ALVES, H.; RODRIGUES, P.; CABEDA, J.M.; PORTAL, C.; RUIVO, A.; JUSTICA, B.; WOLFF, R.; DE SOUSA, M.articleopenAccess
Mar-2002Philadelphia‐positive T‐cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia with polymyositis, migratory polyarthritis and hypercalcemia following a chronic myeloid leukemiaLIMA, M.; COUTINHO, J.; BERNARDO, L.; DOS ANJOS TEIXEIRA, M.; CASAIS, C.; CANELHAS, A.; QUEIROS, L.; ORFAO, A.; JUSTICA, B.articleopenAccess
Ago-2003TCRalphabeta+/CD4+ large granular lymphocytosis: a new clonal T‐cell lymphoproliferative disorder.LIMA, M.; ALMEIDA, J.; DOS ANJOS TEIXEIRA, M.; ALGUERO, M.D.; MDEL, C.; SANTOS, A.H.; BALANZATEGUI, A.; QUEIROS, M.L.; BARCENA, P.; IZARRA, A.; FONSECA, S.; BUENO, C.; JUSTICA, B.; GONZALEZ, M.; SAN MIGUEL, J.F.; ORFAO, A.articleopenAccess
Mar-2002The "ex vivo" patterns of CD2/CD7, CD57/CD11c, CD38/CD11b, CD45RA/CD45RO, and CD11a/HLA‐DR expression identify acute/early and chronic/late NK‐cell activation states.LIMA, M.; ALMEIDA, J.; DOS ANJOS TEIXEIRA, M.; QUEIROS, M.L.; JUSTICA, B.; ORFAO, A.articleopenAccess