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Ago-2001Clinical and genetic heterogeneity in hereditary haemochromatosis: association between lymphocyte counts and expression of iron overloadPORTO, G.; CARDOSO, C.S.; GORDEUK, V.; CRUZ, E.; FRAGA, J.; AREIAS, J.; OLIVEIRA, J.C.; BRAVO, F.; GANGAIDZO, I.T.; MACPHAIL, A.P.; GOMO, Z.A.; MOYO, V.M.; MELO, G.; SILVA, C.; JUSTICA, B.; DE SOUSA, M.articleopenAccess
Out-2004Growth hormone (GH)‐induced reconstitution of CD8+ CD28+ T lymphocytes in a rare case of severe lymphopenia associated with Juvenile Haemochromatosis and Turner's syndrome.PORTO, G.; CRUZ, E.; MIRANDA, H.; PORTO, B.; VASCONCELOS, J.; LACERDA, R.; ROETTO, A.; DARAIO, F.; BACELAR, C.articleopenAccess
Dez-2001Human red blood cells have an enhancing effect on the relative expansion of CD8+ T lymphocytes in vitroPORTO, B.; FONSECA, A.M.; GODINHO, I.; AROSA, F.A.; PORTO, G.articleopenAccess
Nov-2005Low serum transferrin levels in HFE C282Y homozygous subjects are associated with low CD8(+) T lymphocyte numbers.MACEDO, M.F.; CRUZ, E.; LACERDA, R.; PORTO, G.; DE SOUSA, M.articleopenAccess
Abr-1998Major histocompatibility complex class I associations in iron overload: evidence for a new link between the HFE H63D mutation, HLA‐A29, and non‐classical forms of hemochromatosis.PORTO, G.; ALVES, H.; RODRIGUES, P.; CABEDA, J.M.; PORTAL, C.; RUIVO, A.; JUSTICA, B.; WOLFF, R.; DE SOUSA, M.articleopenAccess
Dez-1998Prevalence of the C282Y and H63D mutations in the HFE gene in patients with hereditary haemochromatosis and in control subjects from Northern GermanyNIELSEN, P.; CARPINTEIRO, S.; FISCHER, R.; CABEDA, J.M.; PORTO, G.; GABBE, E.E.articleopenAccess
Abr-1999T cell numbers relate to bone involvement in Gaucher diseaseLACERDA, L.; AROSA, F.A.; LACERDA, R.; CABEDA, J.; PORTO, G.; AMARAL, O.; FORTUNA, A.; PINTO, R.; OLIVEIRA, P.; MCLAREN, C.E.; SA MIRANDA, C.; DE SOUSA, M.articleopenAccess
Ago-2002Transferrin receptor 2 (TfR2) and HFE mutational analysis in non‐C282Y iron overload: identification of a novel TfR2 mutationMATTMAN, A.; HUNTSMAN, D.; LOCKITCH, G.; LANGLOIS, S.; BUSKARD, N.; RALSTON, D.; BUTTERFIELD, Y.; RODRIGUES, P.; JONES, S.; PORTO, G.; MARRA, M.; DE SOUSA, M.; VATCHER, G.articleopenAccess