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Título: UpdatIng Course on Anatomic Pathology
Autor: Serviço de Anatomia Patológica do CHP
Data: Out-2012
Editora: Centro Hospitalar do Porto
Resumo: Course Description: We are pleased to announce the 1st edition of our course entitled “Curso de Actualização em Anatomia Patológica Centro Hospitalar do Porto 2012”. The course is organized by Centro Hospitalar do Porto, Porto [Portugal] and shall provide the highest level of subspecialty instruction by a distinguished faculty recognized in the fields of Anatomic Pathology. The educational event shall include 3 days of anatomic pathology theoretical and practical sessions related to breast, salivary gland, lymphomas, bone and soft tissues, cutaneous melanocytic lesions and pleuropulmonary and mediastinal areas, highlighting diagnostic challenges, illustrating potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, and highlighting the role of complementary molecular techniques and their application in patient care. The surgical pathology blocks will be anticipated by corresponding clinical satellite conferences, giving emphasis on National contributions. The greatest educational feedback is expected for community hospital physicians, in particular, pathologists and residents. The course goal is to provide participants with practical and meaningful information relevant to diagnostic task, prognostic assessment and therapy guidance of cancer patients. The course is intended for a broad audience; however, it is primarily designed for pathologists devoting most of their efforts to practical surgical pathology. Course organizers encourage the participation of anatomic pathology, general and thoracic surgery, dermatology, ENT and oncology residents
Peer review: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.16/1344
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