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Título: Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation: Complications and Readmissions in 9-Years of Follow-up
Autor: Martins, L.
Henriques, A.C.
Dias, L.
Almeida, M.
Pedroso, S.
Freitas, C.
Pereira, S.
Fructuoso, M.
Dores, J.
Oliveira, F.
Almeida, R.
Cabrita, A.
Teixeira, M.
Data: 2010
Editora: Transplantation Proceedings
Resumo: ABSTRACT Over years, we have performed 93 simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplants (SPKT) The morbidity of this procedure is high compared with kidney transplantation alone; readmissions are frequent and costs are higher. Herein we have presented the complica- tions during follow-up of these 93 patients. Their mean age was 34 years and prior dialysis time was 32 25 months. The median hospital stay on the first admission for the transplant procedure was 22 days, including days in the intensive care unit. Bleeding, thrombosis, and infection were the most frequent reasons for prolonged hospitalization. Thirty patients underwent surgical reinterventions. Incidence of acute rejection episodes was 11.8%After discharge, 74.2% of the patients had 197 readmission episodes with infection being the main cause, urinary tract infections, the most frequent; however, systemic viral and fungal infections required the longest readmission periods. The need for surgical interventions, graft dysfunction, and vascular problems were the remaining causes of readmission. At the end of follow-up, 87 patients were alive, 86 with well-functioning kidneys and 74 with normal functioning pancreata. Global survival rates for patient, kidney, and pancreas were 96%95%and 81% at 1-year; 93%90%and 79% at 5-years; and 93%90% and 79% at 9-years. Although pancreas–kidney transplant patients are complex presenting many management difficulties, our overall results represent positive stimulus for diabetic patients.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.16/277
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