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Título: Bone Mineral Density After Simultaneous Kidney–Pancreas
Autor: Pereira, S.
Pedroso, S.
Martins, L.
Santos, P.
Almeida, M.
Freitas, C.
Dias, L.
Dores, J.
Almeida, R.
Henriques, A.C.
Teixeira, M.
Data: 2010
Editora: Transplantation Proceedings
Resumo: ABSTRACT Bone disease and an high risk of fractures are major problems in transplantation. Among diabetic patients undergoing simultaneous kidney–pancreas (SKP) transplantation, there are few studies assessing long-term effects on bone mass. The aim of this study was to evaluate bone mineral density (BMD) over 4 years follow-up after SKP transplantation. Fifty-seven patients had 22.8 5.3 years of prior diabetes, 65% were female, and the overall mean age was 24.3 5.93 years. At the time of transplantation, the lumbar spine and femoral neck T-scores were 1.75 1.05 and 1.95 0.73, respectively; 28% of subjects had evidence of osteoporosis. One year after transplantation, 77.6% of patients displayed improved lumbar T-scores to 1.33 0.94 (.044) with stable femoral neck T-scores. Bone densitometry enhanced gradually through the 4 years follow-up: lumbar T-score to 1.04 0.67 (.004) and femoral neck T-score to 1.69 0.49 (.12). At year 4, no osteoporosis cases were detected but 86.7% of patients did not receive steroids in the immunosuppressive regimen. The graft function remained stable (serum creatinine, 1.2 mg/dL; fasting glucose, 87.7 mg/dL). During the follow-up, BMD improved more significantly at cortical sites. Our study reports a reduced prevalence of fractures (8.7%) compared with the literature, which could be related to a steroid-sparing protocol and/or aggressively treatment of osteoporosis.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.16/278
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