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Título: Immunophenotype and TCR‐Vbeta repertoire of peripheral blood T‐cells in acute infectious mononucleosis.
Autor: LIMA, M.
Data: Jan-2003
Editora: Elsevier
Resumo: Blood Cells Mol Dis. 2003 Jan-Feb;30(1):1-12. Immunophenotype and TCR-Vbeta repertoire of peripheral blood T-cells in acute infectious mononucleosis. Lima M, Teixeira Mdos A, Queirós ML, Santos AH, Gonçalves C, Correia J, Farinha F, Mendonça F, Soares JM, Almeida J, Orfão A, Justiça B. Service of Clinical Haematology, Hospital Santo António, Porto, Portugal. mmc.lima@clix.pt Abstract Although a number of studies on the phenotypic changes that occur after T-cell activation have already been published, the specific immunophenotypic features of T-lymphocytes and the frequency at which TCR-variable region (TCR-V) restricted T-cell expansions occur "in vivo" during acute viral infection still remains to be established. We report on the immunophenotype and TCR-V repertoire of peripheral blood T-cells from 28 patients with acute infectious mononucleosis. Immunophenotypic studies were performed by flow cytometry using direct immunofluorescence techniques and stain-and-then-lyse sample preparation protocols with three- and four-colour combinations of monoclonal antibodies directed against a large panel of T- and NK-cell associated markers, activation- and adhesion-related molecules and TCR-Vbeta, -Vgamma and -Vdelta families. Nearly all patients (27/28) showed a massive expansion of CD8(+)/TCRalphabeta(+) T cells, the majority (>90%) of which displayed an immunophenotype compatible with T-cell activation: CD2(+high), CD7(+low), CD11a(+high), CD38(+high), HLA-DR(+high), CD28(+/-low), CD45RO(+high), CD45RA(-/+low), CD11b(-/+low), CD11c(+/-low), CD16(-), CD56(-), CD57(-), CD62L(-), CD94(-), CD158a(-), CD161(-), NKB1(-). Additionally, the levels of both CD3 and CD5 were slightly decreased compared to those found in normal individuals. Late-activation antigens, such as CD57, were found in small proportions of CD8(+)/TCRalphabeta(+) T-cells. Increased numbers of CD4(+)/TCRalphabeta(+) T-cells, TCRgammadelta(+) T-cells and NK-cells were also noticed in 17, 16 and 13 of the 28 cases studied, respectively. Evidence for activation of CD4(+)/TCRalphabeta(+) and TCRgammadelta(+) T-cells relied on changes similar to those described for CD8(+)/TCRalphabeta(+) although less pronounced, except for higher levels of both CD5 and CD28 in the absence of reactivity for CD11c on CD4(+)/TCRalphabeta(+) T-cells and higher levels of CD161 and CD94 on TCRgammadelta(+) T-cells. Small expansions of one or more TCR-Vbeta families accounting for 12 +/- 7% of either the CD8(+)/TCRalphabeta(+) or the CD4(+)/TCRalphabeta(+) T-cell compartment were found in 12 of 14 patients studied, whereas the distribution of the TCR-Vgamma and -Vdelta repertoires tested in 2 of the individuals with expanded TCRgammadelta(+) T-cells was similar to that observed in control individuals. The results presented here provide evidence for an extensive T-cell activation during acute viral infection and establish the immunophenotype patterns associated with this condition. PMID: 12667982 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.16/594
ISSN: 1079-9796
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